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Top quality bulk/wholesale/industrial cocoa-based ingredients and semi-finished chocolate for industrial food manufacturers

The Agostoni family balances art and science in equal measure to deliver stock and custom products which meet the most exacting standards of the premium food manufacturer for flavor, consistency and value. Agostoni ingredients include:


  • Dark, Milk, White and Gianduia
  • Blends and Single Origins
  • Non-GMO, Organic, Fairtrade
  • No Added Emulsifier / No Soy
  • Customization

Chocolate Chips & Chunks

  • Dark and white
  • Non-GMO, Organic, Fairtrade
  • No Added Emulsifier / No Soy
  • Chips: variations in size (1k-9k)
  • Chunks: variations in size (1k-2k) and cocoa percentage

Cocoa based ingredients

  • Cocoa powder, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter

  • Non-GMO, Organic, Fairtrade

  • Cocoa powder: alkalized and non-alkalized, high fat and low fat

For more information about Agostoni ingredients please contact:

Global Organics, Ltd.
68 Moulton Street, Cambridge, MA 02138-1119 USA
Phone: 781-648-8844
Fax: 781-648-0774