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Agostoni Foodservice: premium quality for chocolatiers, chefs and culinary professionals

Agostoni provides chefs and culinary professionals in North America with a premium quality line of foodservice chocolate that has been tested and approved by chocolatiers throughout Europe for over a decade. Agostoni’s unique flavor profile is carefully crafted from high quality cocoa beans, processed in-house to produce the cocoa liquor, butter and powder used in all semi-finished chocolate products.

Since the beginning, our actions have been guided by a deep ethical commitment. We build long-lasting partnerships based on respect, dialog and transparency. Agostoni’s Equal Partner Direct Buying program respects the autonomy of farmers while creating a shared commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, improved quality and yield and fair purchase prices.

Wide range

Blend Couvertures – featuring select Americas origin cocoa
Single Origins Couverture – processed to express the unique flavor characteristics of important origins: Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Madagascar
Single Estates Couvertures – two selections from the Dominican Republic crafted with identical techniques demonstrating the direct impact different growing conditions have on raw cocoa and final chocolate flavor
Gianduia – a classic, premium-ingredient recipe that expresses the finest of Italian tradition
Chocolate Chips & Chunks – different sizes, organic
Cocoa-Based Ingredients – cocoa liquor, nibs, butter, powder – processed by Agostoni from directly sourced raw materials
Organic Selection – superior flavor profile and traceability

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